First stage of Nonkiverse development is divided into four phases.

  1. PHASE 1

    Nonkiverse Collection
    Rarity Tickets

    Rarity tickets can be purchased using $NONKI to claim Nonkiverse NFT for free with a higher chance to get rare traits.

    Community Treasury

    10% from Nonkiverse sales and 2% of ongoing royalty will be reserved to fund $NONKI liquidity pool and future development.

    Special NFTs

    Special NFT (12 in a series with 5 variations) will be available for purchase post launch at our Nonki NFT Gallery using $NONKI + $WORLD.

  2. PHASE 2

    Nonki World Development
    Tokyo City

    Tokyo city will be the first major city within Nonki World. Dimensional portals will appear all around Tokyo area to teleport to other cities and timelines in future expansions.

    Nonki NFT Gallery

    The landmark of Tokyo city. Purchase your personal booth to display your favorite NFTs and participate in community mural, $NONKI raffles and many more.

    Mission & Mastery

    Complete missions to earn $WORLD and use them to rank up your mastery. Higher mastery increases your chance to get better prizes from gachapon machines.

    NFT Staking

    Stake your Nonkiverse NFTs to generate $WORLD daily. The number of $WORLD generated depends on the grade of your NFTs (3 per regular, 15 per special and 45 per 1/1).

  3. PHASE 3

    Gachapon System


    1/1 NFTs, $NONKI & Game Items

    There is a chance to obtain 1/1 NFT tickets by playing gachapon machines using $WORLD. These highest grade NFTs are the rarest in the collection and you can mint them using these tickets at the Nonki NFT Gallery.

    You can also obtain $NONKI from the gachapon machines which is required to purchase special NFT tickets as well as other valuable items that can help with you progress in game.

  4. PHASE 4

    Tokyo City and Nonki Friends
    Beta Testing

    50% of holders will be randomly selected as beta testers for the purpose of feedbacks and reporting potential bugs. This will give us enough time and data to fix them before the official launch.

    Grand Opening

    All Nonkiverse holders will be able to access Tokyo City and we will release other extensions like Nonki NFT Gallery and Gachapon District.

    Nonki Friends

    We will begin the production of Nonki Friends, which consists of 5 animals that will be voted by the community. Each animals will have at least 100 unique traits to start off with and they will bring new challenges to the Nonki World.